If you're looking for natural-edge walnut slabs to make river tables, benches, bar tops, countertops, and more, we have a variety of species and dimensions to choose from. Some our slabs may have imperfections, which we thoroughly document with photos on each slab's product page.

Slab wood, or live-edge wood, that has cracks and defects can actually have some benefits or "pros" depending on the intended use of the wood.

  • Character and uniqueness: Cracks and defects can make the wood look more rustic and natural, which is highly sought after in certain applications like furniture, art, and decor.
  • Natural design features: Cracks and defects in slab wood can be incorporated into the design of a piece, creating a one-of-a-kind look. For example, a furniture maker may choose to use a piece of slab wood with a prominent crack down the middle, and use that crack to create a natural divide between two parts of the piece.
  • Seasoned wood: Cracks in slab wood may be a sign that the wood has dried and seasoned naturally, which can make the wood more stable and less likely to warp or split in the future.

Be sure to contact us if you don't find what you're looking for below, and we'll check our inventory for what you need.

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  • SLB-BW-001 Walnut Slab
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