Sack-back Windsor Armchair

These chairs are made in a traditional style and with traditional methods. The chair spokes are all turned, the seat is made of a soft wood such as poplar, soft maple, or pine, and the back is made of white oak. Both the top bow and the arm rest are steam-bent into their final shapes. Furthermore, all oak parts are made using a draw knife and spoke shave.

Building a Sack-back Windsor Chair

It takes a full week to make each chair by hand, which starts with hand-hewing white oak staves from a raw log. This time-consuming process ensures that the woods natural strength is transferred to the chair. The tenons are super-dried and then placed into a higher moisture content seat. These tenons are then wedged in. The result is that over time, the super-dried tenons expand, the holes shrink, and the wedges stay tight resulting in the strongest designed chair in American History.