Handwoven Blankets & Rugs


Handwoven Blankets

With each custom wool blanket handwoven by Monk Creek, we use only high-quality Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool and 15% mohair). This durable yarn is used for the weft, which results in a wonderful variety of colors to choose from, plenty of warmth for cold winter nights, and the use of a USA-produced material. Davidson’s Navajo 100% Wool Warp is used for the warp. The blankets weigh approximately eight pounds when finished.

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shoko blanket


Handwoven Rugs

Monk creek rugs are the perfect accent for your home decor. Offering a tasteful collage of over 100 different fabrics in each finished rug, careful time and consideration is taken into laying out the selection of both new and repurposed fabrics, including cotton, polyester, silk, and some of unknown.

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Monk Creek’s Loom of Choice: The Rio Grande

The Rio Grande loom is excellent for beating in a tight weave, ensuring less movement of the fabric when walked on resulting in less friction causing wear on the yarn and fabric. It is also excellent for weaving 60”-wide, weft-faced blankets.

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Rio Grand trimed