Monk Creek provides affordable sawmill services throughout the tri-state area (southeast Iowa, west-central Illinois, and northeast Missouri).

Sawing Logs at Our Milling Site

The most affordable option is for you to bring your logs to our business site located in Lee County, Iowa.

We charge a flat machine hour rate, so if you help by removing boards and stacking them, it will cost you less. Our rate includes running the saw and tractor used for moving materials around.

It’s also possible to drop off your logs and return at a later time to pick up your boards.

Sawing does not include spacer materials for wood or temporary storage inside our building after sawing. Please inquire if you think you need these additional services.

Sawing Logs on Your Jobsite

For your convenience, we offer onsite sawmilling services within a 50-mile radius of our business address.

We charge a flat machine hour rate, but this only includes running the sawmill. Logs must be prepared before we arrive by placing them in a pile, or you will need to have equipment available for moving them to the saw.

Please note that the federal rate for mileage will also be charged for transporting the sawmill to and from the jobsite.