Our wooden yarn bowls are each uniquely designed to feature the beauty of the wood’s natural edge while securely holding your ball of yarn as you knit or crochet. Each bowl ranges from medium to larger sizes, depending on what your yarn ball sizes are. Custom sizes can be made to order.

Besides what’s in stock, we also have several bowl blanks ready to be turned.

Please contact us for pictures and dimensions of what we currently have in stock. 

What Goes into Making a Natural Edge Wood Yarn Bowl?

Rarely will you find another company that makes a wooden yarn bowl as individually unique as ours. While there are many artists creating yarn bowls out of all types of materials, we take exceptional pride in retaining the contour of the wood. This is a particularly difficult process, because keeping the natural edge on the lip of the bowl requires much more concentration, technique, and time than standard bowl turning.

Each of the wooden yarn bowl we make, has a unique silhouette that develops naturally from the shape of the raw piece of wood. We take a two-step approach for bringing out the final shape.

  1. We take the cross section from a trunk or branch and remove the green wood from within. Following this, we seal the rough shaped piece and set it aside for up to a year to “cure.”
  2. To complete the bowl, we turn the rough shape into the finished product. Then we cut out the holes and feeding groove for the yarn, and apply the finish (glossy or matte available).

Every bowl features a heavy, wide bottom for maximum stability, and is finished with a durable product such as General Finishes Arm-R-Seal.

For more information on what we currently have available for sale, please contact us for more information.