This intricate wooden puzzle box was one of my earliest works, and recently I improved on the design while working on a commission for our LDS friends in Nauvoo. The boxes provide a very interesting souvenir for the missionary couples that attend the Nauvoo temple or grounds.

As this is a wooden puzzle box, you must move pieces in a certain order to access and open the box. Once this is accomplished, you are not done as there are several levels of hidden compartments within the box as well.

It is a great item to sit with your children or grandchildren and open with them. I have one based on a Boy Scouts of America theme and another featuring classic literature that my children and other young family members spent their childhood opening. Hidden inside they would find a treasure of chocolate coins and would be asked to leave a note in the box for their next return!

I can make these on many themes, such as hunting, music, books, etc. I would work with the person ordering one to develop the artwork for their own one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle box.