This clock is a replica of a clock found in Wallace Nutting’s “Furniture Treasury,” a catalog of American period furniture. The piece features hammered veneer, period glass, and the best clock movements made in the U.S. today by clock maker David Lindow in Pennsylvania.

I was taking a class at Marc Adams School of Woodworking with Allan Breed and was having a discussion about wanting to learn how to make clocks. He plopped Nutting’s down in front of me, opened to the clock section, and asked me which one I wanted to make. I pointed to one and he said he was having a class on that clock next year at his school. Of course, I went to this along with several of my classmates attending as well. It was great fun and I also met David Lindow, maker of the clockworks, and toured his shop. He is very well known in the period furniture market for making the best available clockworks.