Cheese boards are normally made of select pieces of natural edged wood which has been re-sawn and planed to ½” thick. These pieces are each a unique form and wood grain pattern, some being quite beautiful. These are used for serving cheese, bread, cold meats, etc.

Larger, longer units work very well in the center of a table to be used to place hot dishes on during meals. These are not damaged by hot dishes or some spilling on them.

More rectangle pieces work extremely well as replacements for placemats at each table setting. A set of six similar boards make a very interesting and unique table set.

The boards come in a variety of wood types such as cherry, walnut, maple, etc. Often these are pieces of wood salvaged from the center cuts to remove the tree pith (center) before turning out bowls. This is not always the case, and I look for interesting pieces to develop these with. No two are alike!

Maintenance of these boards is easy. You can wash them off and then simply apply some Clapham’s Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish over the wood to replace the new wood luster. If the wood grain rises, sand it smooth with fine sandpaper (such as a 400 grit), then apply the beeswax finish, or your favorite product for wooden utensils.