Monk Creek Exports has officially become Janssen Woodworks

Rural Iowa comes to metropolitan Tokyo as the next generation of Monk Creek settles in Japan. While some products still feature the classic Monk Creek label, every product available on Janssen Woodworks is handmade by Nick Janssen. As part of new beginnings, Nick has changed his brand to better serve the Japanese market, but the care and quality of Monk Creek remains.



Wooden Bowls

Below are some of the wood varieties Nick works with: black walnut, black cherry, pecan, and sycamore. If you have a specific wood you would like your bowls to be made of, please contact me.

Black Walnut Wooden Bowls
Black Walnut Wooden Bowls
black cherry wooden bowl
Black Cherry Wooden Bowls
pecan wooden bowl
Pecan Wooden Bowls

sycamore wooden bowl
Spalted Sycamore Bowls

Wooden Cutting Boards


Wooden Kitchen Utensils