Custom Woodworking & Weaving

Meandering through timber and farmland in Van Buren Township in rural southeast Iowa’s Lee County, you will encounter the gently flowing waters of Monk Creek. It is along this small stream that two artisans have found their calling, drawing inspiration from the nature that surrounds them.

Dennis and Sandra Janssen were raised on northwest Iowa farms, before marrying and moving to Michigan, New York, and back to Iowa to follow Dennis’ earlier career in industry. Settled in the rolling hills between the Des Moines and Mississippi Rivers, they strive to create items of both beauty and utility.

Monk Creek Woodworks

Monk Creek Woodworks, owned and operated by Dennis Janssen, offers custom and period furniture, bowls, kitchenware and home décor, sourcing both its inspiration and abundant supply of renewable hardwoods from the woodlands of Lee County.

Monk Creek Weaving

Monk Creek Weaving, owned and operated by Sandra Janssen, offers a variety of woven goods designed to recreate the aesthetic harmony displayed in the changing colors of Monk Creek’s seasonal foliage.

From this inspiration­—combined with knowledge, experience, aesthetics and craftsmanship—Monk Creek Woodworking and Weaving is able to provide today’s heirlooms for tomorrow’s generations.


We invite you to look through the many woodworking and weaving products featured here and contact us if you would like more information on what you see or to discuss your interest in creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

You can also visit one of the many stores throughout southeast and central Iowa where Monk Creek works are available for purchase.

Monk Creek Exports

Monk Creek Exports, owned and operated by Nick Janssen, focuses on creating custom handmade furniture and wares for overseas markets. Inspired by a generation of family craftsmanship, Nick continues to hone his skills in order to provide high-end goods for discerning foreign markets.